Omni Version 15.6 – December 2015

The main changes are in Version 15.6 are:

1.     Tax free beneficiaries – there are new Member statuses and new fields for Planned Payments

2.     PIPs – changes made in the July 2015 Budget  

3.     Contribution tax relief claims – allows a claim for a previous tax year

4.     Individual Protection – details can now be stored.

5.     Annual Statements – Extra Transfers In are included.

6.     Term deposits – identify which are breakable



Additional features have been added to the XL Reports module – the main changes being

·         Annual Allowance Statements – there is an option to include all contributions in the report, not just those where the contributions exceed £40,000

·         List of all Assets - across all schemes with latest values

·         Deceased members – a list of all members who have died and still have funds allocated to them.

·         FCA Capital Adequacy – calculations of capital required for SIPPS from September 2016, including unbreakable term deposits

·         Term deposits – also now shows whether or not the deposits are breakable

·         FCA Withdrawal Analysis – produces the matrices needed for the quarterly returns to the FCA on withdrawals from SIPPs.

·         Deeds or docs in a date range


If you use the RTI compliant PAYE module, we have added several new features including:

·         Dealing with rebates in month 12 – on the Payroll tab

·         Dealing with tax free beneficiaries, who need to be reported from April 2016


There are also many small cosmetic changes.


Remember there is a Help Index which provides links to all help files in alphabetical order.


These pages provide help on the use of the Omni software but do not provide guidance on the pensions legislation or on the HMRC manual. It is assumed that Omni users will know what the legislation is and what HMRC require them to do.