XL Reports – Member Data


The filtering used for each member report is set out in Member status filters.


Members Aged Between


This report lists all members who will be between the specified ages on the specified date and shows their date of birth, age and status.


Transfers In


A list of all transfers to be able to identify those transfers that are not yet complete. It shows all of the data stored on the Transfers In screen.


The ‘Data Complete’ field was introduced early in 2008 and so earlier records will just show ‘pre 2008’ in the ‘Data Complete’ column.


The list is sorted on the ‘Data Complete’ column (and then by date received) so that it easy to see which transfers are still in progress.


Member Data Missing


Allows missing data to be identified across all members.

Deceased Members

A list of all mebers where

Vested Funds


This report primarily provides a list of all members who have any vested funds within their latest fund split.


Members will also be included if they have no vested funds at their latest fund split date but there have been Drawdown BCEs after that date or Transfers in Drawdown.


The report shows the Vested Funds, the Unvested Funds and Total Fund value for each member at the latest fund split date plus any subsequent BCEs and/or TiDs.

It does not allow for any other transactions since the latest fund split date e.g. contributions, unvested transfers in, transfers out or annuities. For this reason it is not recommended that the report is used to identify precisely unvested funds.


It is recommended that the fund split is run and stored after any major changes.


The date of birth is shown so that it easier to sort and identify those members approaching age 75 with unvested funds (to deal with any BCE5Bs).


Depleting Vested Funds


A list of funds highlighting those where the vested fund is low compared with the pension being paid, to flag where members may need to crystallise more funds to support their pension. The listed is sorted to show those with the lowest remaining period at the top.


Country of Residence


The tax year has to be selected and then a list of all residence records for that tax year is produced. This relates to reclaiming tax on contributions paid net, taking data from the Contributions tab of Omni’s Member screen. This is independent of the member’s nationality and the tax code for pension payments.


Annual Allowance Statements


This produces a list of all members where a contribution has been received in a PIP ending in the selected tax year.


If the contribution for PIPs ending in that tax year is £40,000 or more, then it shows the total contributions for PIPs ending in the 3 prior tax years. The data for these members should match the data produced by the PIP Analysis button on the Member screen in Omni. There is an option to show all contributions.


Using this information, you can then send statements to the members.





A list of all BCEs in a period can be produced. The Event Report screen is shown to enable you to set the period.




Member List


A list of all members showing NI numbers, sex, date of birth, status, pension input period and retirement date. Past members who have transferred, died or bought a full annuity are excluded.



BCE 5A/5B analysis


A list to show the potential for future BCEs when members reach age 75 with drawdown funds that have increased (BCE 5A). All members with a vested fund or drawdown BCEs are included (excluding pre-2006 vested funds). The original drawdown fund is calculated using the total of the amounts stored as Drawdown BCEs. TiDs that are not pre 2006 are shown as a separate row and the  original drawdown fund is taken from the Transfer In screen. The date of the latest fund split is shown. LTA used previously is taken from the Vesting Events screen and the TiD screen. The potential extra lifetime allowance to be used in the BCE5A is calculated using the lifetime allowance current at the date that the report is run – it does not try to project the lifetime allowance in the tax year in which the member reaches age 75. Allowance is made for fixed protection.


If the BCE5A has already been stored in the database, it is indicated in the ‘BCE 5A stored’ column. If the BCE5A relates to a TiD, the Comment field should include the TiD name e.g. TiD3 so that the report can distinguish whether the BCE5A relates to the normal vested fund or a TiD.


The list is sorted by the member’s age, oldest first.


The Comment column shows whether a member has protection and if a fund value could not be found.


User Defined Fields

Identifies all member fields that have defined by the user and lists all members with data in those fields.

SMPI and Annual Statements


See Bulk SMPI help file


Store Fund Values in Bulk


This is designed to help when submitting the statistical return to HMRC for SIPPs by 5th July each year.


The user selects the date to value the funds. It then goes through all SIPPs and if a fund value has been not been stored for the period covered by the return, it will value the SIPP based on the data in Omni at that date and store the fund value. It will also store the fund split for straightforward one person SIPPs – full details provided when running the program.


Transfers In Proposed


A list of all transfers that have not yet been received and have not been aborted.


Transfers In Aborted


A list of all transfers that were proposed but then aborted.


Nomination Forms


A list of all members showing the data stored on death benefit nominations forms. It includes all members that are not archived, whatever their status. It shows the total number of members with the total number of members and the number that have nomination forms. If details of more than nomination form is stored for a member, only the latest form is shown on the list.


2006 Transition Data


A list of all members who have data stored in the Members, Transition Data screen, excluding members that have been archived. All fields from that screen are shown. The standard filters can be applied.


Fixed Protection


A list of all members who have any data stored on the ‘Fixed Protection tab of the Members, Transition Data screen, excluding members that have been archived. All fields from that tab are shown. The standard filters can be applied. This allows you to monitor progress in applying for protection and then recording the data once protection has been obtained.


LTA Statementsseparate help file


LTA Analysis


From 6th April 2012 the lifetime allowance (LTA) will reset at £1.5m. This report was added in 2010, when the changes were announced, so that members affected by the changes could be identified, possibly registering for the new protection. The ‘Total LTA used’ column mirrors the result from the ‘LTA statements’ report. The ‘EP’ and ‘PP’ columns show members with enhanced protection and primary protection. The ‘Unvested Fund’ is taken from the latest fund split stored for the scheme. The ‘Poss LTA’ column shows the total percentage of the LTA that would be used (including that already used) if a BCE for the amount of the ‘Unvested Fund’ takes place when the LTA reduces to £1.5m. The ‘Age on 06/04/2012’ helps identify members who will not have reached age 55 by 6th April 2012. The warning column shows members where 'No fund split stored' or 'BCE date after latest fund split date'.


The report is sorted on the Possible LTA column, which the highest figure at the top, so that possible problems are easy to identify.




Other items include             Member status filters

                                                GAD Limit Recalculations Due

                                                Lifetime Allowance statements

                                                Pension Limit Checking