Omni – Finstat Feeds



If you subscribe to the Finstat price feeds from FT Interactive Data, their files can be saved and used to update prices of equities and unit holdings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


The Finstat code has to be entered in the ‘Editing General Stock Details’ screen accessed via the Amend button on the ‘Investments, Stocks’ screen. There are 3 methods:



The Search by Name button displays a full listing of codes from one of the Finstat files to allow you to select the code to be stored within Omni. There are 4 different Finstat files and a different list can be obtained by clicking on a different option in the ‘Select Stock List’ box and then clicking ‘Refresh List’. You can start to type the stock name in the Search box to jump to the required stock. If the list is refreshed then it will use anything typed in the Search box to jump to the stock. The UTOX option includes over 50,000 funds and so will take some time to load.


The Search by SEDOL button allows you to type in a SEDOL code. If this code is recognized by the Finstat files, Omni will display the name of the fund and, if it is correct, you can then accept that fund which will enter the Finstat code without you having to type it.


If the information has been provided by FT Interactive Data, then Omni can also import historic prices for each of these assets by ticking the ‘Get Historic Prices’ box on ‘Finstat Stock Selection’ screen.


The Finstat folder can be stored within a user defined location which can be accessed by both SSAS and SIPP databases so as to avoid the need to store duplicate information, as explained in Settings.


A full listing of all Finstat codes that you have stored in Omni can be produced via XLreports.


Downloading Ongoing Prices


Prices can be downloaded and then imported into Omni using ‘Investments, Prices, Prices from Finstat’. More details in Finstat Price Importing


the code is matched to the price on the day that the feed is run and updates the records throughout Omni for all schemes which have these investment holdings.



Full details on Finstat Price feeds are provided on their website: