Addresses & Contacts


All addresses are stored centrally but there are 2 ways to access the addresses – the Scheme Address Book and the Global Address Book.


Names, addresses and contact numbers can be stored.


Once the email address is stored, an email message can be started by clicking the ‘Email’ button.


Global Address Book


Contact details for external firms (banks, accountants, solicitors etc) are stored in the global address book. They are categorised into Groups, such as Accountant, Investment Manager. Once the details for an external firm have been entered to the global address book, the advisers for an individual scheme can be selected in the Scheme Address Book.

The ‘Scheme Code’ cannot be selected in the address book.


Scheme Address Book – (Scheme\Scheme Address Book )

Contact details for Trustees and the Client Contacts can be stored via the Scheme Address Book.


Addresses for members can be stored. For a SSAS, a member is linked to his/her trustee address record – new addresses cannot be entered to prevent the same person’s address being entered twice.


Addresses for people who have received death benefits can be stored via the Pensions screen – Benefit Payments tab.


Syndicate Address Book


On the Syndicate menu, the Scheme Address Book shows the advisers for the syndicate (which can be different from the individual members’ advisers). There is also the option to send bulk letters to syndicate members (by merging the addresses into a merge template that you have created) or to generate a bulk email to all syndicate members.


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