Omni Version 12.9.2 – July 2010

Version 12.9.2 is an interim version which only incorporates a few changes.

The main changes are:

1.     The Properties, Tenants and Rent screen filter out properties that have been sold and ex-tenants, but they can be displayed so you can see historic data

2.     The Investment valuation has a rent prepayments tick box so that rent prepayments can be included or excluded for a specific valuation without amending the general basis for a scheme.

3.     The Full Scheme Report has additional options (including lifetime allowance statements) and defaults can be set within the Settings screen.

4.     A data feed can be accepted from Skandia for the overall value of the segregated portfolios held with Skandia.

5.     In Pension Schemes Online, the APSS301 report has been amended to include more items in box 4.7 – see point 5 under Areas to Consider in APSS301 file

6.     Resetting Invoice numbers – the number sequence can be reset, e.g. at start of new year (under Invoices on the Settings screen)

7.     Tax yet to be reclaimed on investments – also included as a debtor within Investment Valuations

8.     The third identification field for stocks is shown on the prices screens.

9.     Syndicates – extra transaction categories have been added


Additional features have been added to the XL Reports module:

·         Addresses of all advisers or all scheme contacts can be listed

·         Contribution tax relief, comparing expected tax relief for each member with relief actually received (from ‘Bank + Transactions’ tab, then Transaction Data)

·         Persistency report – extra columns for notes fields and member status have been added

·         Internal Bank Transfers – all internal bank transfers into one account should be matched by other transfers out of another account

·         Ex-pensioners – all members where the pensiion has ceased



Remember there is a Help Index which provides links to all help files in alphabetical order.