The ‘Order’ column in the grid allows you to specify the order of trustees for this screen, deeds and reports. No 1 is shown first – there is no need for numbers to be consecutive and numbers can be repeated. The ‘Order’ column is the only data that can be amended in the grid.


Independent Trustees


The ‘Add New Trustee’ button will ask you whether you want to enter an Independent Trustee. If so, you will be shown a list of independent trustees from which to select one. To set up a new independent trustee, use the Global Address Book. Independent Trustees should not be entered in the same way as Member Trustees. If an independent trustee is replaced then the date of change should be entered in the existing trustee record and a new record should be set up for the new independent trustee.


Member Trustees


When using the ‘Add New Trustee’ button, if you do not want to enter an Independent Trustee, the address book entry screen will be displayed for you to enter the full name and address of the member. If you cancel the address, no new trustee will be added.


The ‘Amend Name and Address’ is used only for member trustees. If the Independent Trustee changes name or address, the details should be amended in the global address book – 1 change will cover all schemes.


By default, ex-trustees are not shown. Tick ‘Show Previous Trustees’ to include all trustees.




The grid indicates those trustees that for the Scheme Administrator registered with the HMRC. The tick cannot be added or removed directly but will be inserted or removed by the software when the ‘Date Registered’ and ‘Date Resigned’ boxes are amended (on exit).


The HMRC’s administrator ID is always in the format ‘A’ followed by 7 numbers. On exit from that box, the software will check the format and warn you if the reference is not in the correct format.