Omni – Skandia Feeds


Skandia Investment Solutions will allow you to download a list of all clients with values of their portfolios. The values can be used to update the values of the segregated portfolios stored in Omni.


Before processing the feed you need to set up the location of the feed files and the Contract Number for each portfolio:-


Settings – File Location


On the System, Master User Options, Settings screen, Data Feeds tab, the folder that you want to store the files in can be stored.


Contract Numbers


Skandia’s Contract Number is used to identify each client’s portfolio. The portfolio is set up in the Investments, Stocks screen. The Contract Number is stored in the Other Details field. It will be in the format ’ 100012345’ and should not be confused with the Policyholder ID which will be in the format ‘1-‘ etc.


Downloading Ongoing Values


Once the folder setting has been stored and the Contract Numbers entered, the feed can be processed as follows:


1.     Download the csv file from Skandia

2.     Open it in Excel and check that it contains the data you expect

3.     ‘Save as’ an Excel spreadsheet (.xls file) -don’t just use the Save command which will keep it as a csv file

4.     Save in the folder you have selected in Omni’s Settings

5.     Open the menu option System, Data Feeds, Skandia

6.     Select the xls file that you have just saved


A spreadsheet will be produced showing each of the records contained in the Skandia data file. If the portfolio has been found in Omni, the scheme name and portfolio name will be shown, otherwise these columns will be left blank. The Action taken will be shown:

1.     Value created – means no price existed in Omni on that date and a new record was created

2.     Value overwritten – means there was already a price stored for that date in Omni and the value has been overwritten with the value from the data file

3.     Portfolio not found – means that the Contract Number could not be found in the Other Details field of any portfolio