Bank Transactions – Rent Invoices



On the Bank Transaction Entry screen, there is a ‘Rent Invoice’ button.


To start with, your master user needs to set up a merge template in Word. The path to this template (the place where it is stored) needs to be saved in ‘System, Master User Options, Merge Template Locations’ under the Template name of ‘Rent invoice’.


Select a rent transaction on the Bank Transaction Entry screen and click ‘Rent Invoice’ to produce the invoice.


The details of the property and the tenant need to be entered for the rent transaction for the invoice to work. This is best achieved by using Expected Transactions to generate the rent.


One of the merge fields shows whether the property is registered for VAT. The template can be designed so that, if the property is not registered for VAT, no VAT details are shown but if the property is registered for VAT, the invoice will show the VAT number and the VAT due.


The tenant address is taken from the Contact tab on the Tenant screen, found from the ‘Amend’ button on the ‘Direct Investments, Tenants’ screen. If this address is not present, the Property address will be used (the name of the stock which can be amended via the Investments, Stocks screen).


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