File Structure for System Administrator


These notes are intended to give a brief background to the structure of OmniPensions Software.

File Server


The Omni databases should be on a shared drive on the server, with a letter assigned to the drive name. The presence of the drive letter is crucial where multiple users will access the program. For instance, a path of P:\Data\Omni\SSASDatabase will be fine, but something along the lines of \\sql3\Data\Omni\SSASDatabase will not work in the long run.




Each workstation will then need to have the Omni installation package run and this will create a new folder in the location C:\Program Files\Omni. Within the Omni folder, 2 further folders called “SSAS” and “SIPP” will be created.


The workstations then link to the database via the path specified in the WS.ini file located within C:\Program Files\Omni\SSAS and C:\Program Files\Omni\SIPP. The first time Omni is run on any workstation, Omni will ask you to browse to the database and it will create the WS.ini file and save this path in the file. The first line in the WS.ini file should then be “[Database]” and the next line should commence “Path=”.


The versions of Omni in the SSAS and SIPP folders need to be individually linked to the correct databases, i.e. both WS.ini files need setting up.


For confirmation that the workstation versions are looking at the correct databases, the user can go into Omni and select “Help” and then “About” for confirmation of the database that is currently linked to.


The system uses temporary files for listings that are stored in the folder: C:\Program Files\Omni\SSAS\WorkStation.

Updating the Database Structure


Within each database is a folder called “Updates”. Each time a new Omni version is released, the installation software will place the exe files in this folder. It will also amend the database structure.


Updating Exe Files


The program files are stored on each user’s local drive in the ‘C:\Program Files\Omni’ folder. Once the new release has been processed on the database, all users should be told to carry out an update by selecting “Other” and then “Update” within the Omni system. SIPP and SSAS should be updated individually.

Global Settings


The settings for merging with Microsoft Word documents are stored in the Global.ini file in the same folder. Other global settings will also be stored here.


When merging, the system uses a file ‘Source.doc’ which it storres in  to be in the ‘C:\Program Files\Omni\SSAS\merging\username’ folder.

The merge template locations are specified in the System menu, in “Master User Options\Merge Template locations”. Updating on one workstation will apply the updates for all users. The merge templates should also be in a shared drive on the server for access by all users.




The paths to various accessories can be set by browsing to “System/Master User Options/Settings”. For instance, the bank feeds folder can be specified in the “Data Feeds” tab located within “System/Master User Options/Settings”.


Help Files


The Help files can be accessed on line, however, if you do not have a direct internet connection, the help files can be stored on the server and the path to these can be specified in the Settings screen. To access this setting, browse to above Settings screen and the location of the help folder can be specified in the “Miscellaneous” tab.


Backing Up

A back up of the database should be taken as part of your normal office back up procedure (daily is strongly recommended).  Omni also stores a backup each time a new version update is applied.


See also                General Omni Info.