Omni Help – Death In Service Policies



Details of the insurance policies and the members they cover can be stored using ‘Members, Insurance Policies and DBNF, DIS policies’.


Some policies will cover just one member and other policies can cover several or all members.


The ‘Add Policy’ button allows you enter a new policy, with details of the policy number, renewal date etc.


The ‘Link Member’ allows you to link a member to the policy that has been entered (and is active in the Insurer list). Once the member has been linked, the amount of cover, premium due and comments. Clicking ‘Link Member’ again allows you to enter details of other members in the policy.



Premiums Paid


The date and amount of premiums actually paid for each member are still entered as bank transactions and then imported under ‘Members, Insurance Policies and DBNF, DIS Premiums’.


If one bank payment covers more than member, then the DIS premiums have to be entered into the bank account separately for each member. For example, if one payment covers 3 members then the user has to enter 3 bank transactions. The bank transactions are then imported in the DIS premium table.  Once the payment has been imported, the user can allocate the insurer for each premium by selecting from a drop-down list.