Bank Addresses




The recommended process is:


1.       add the central address for any bank to the global address book.

2.       enter each type of account for that bank to the stocks screen only once

3.       when entering the account details select the bank’s address from the address book

4.       there is then no need to enter any addresses in the scheme Bank Account screen unless there is a different address for every scheme’s account with that bank e.g. a different branch for each scheme. (the menu option ‘Investments, Bank Account’ with the ‘New’ or ‘Amend’ buttons).

5.       The system uses the Branch Address if one has been entered. If not, it uses the Regional Address if there is one. If there is no link to a regional address then the global address at the Stock level is used (if there is one).

6.       Selecting a Regional Address link will remove the branch address from the Bank Account record for that scheme.