Associated Company Shares



Shares in a Sponsoring employer or an associated company can be bought, subject to a limit of 5% of the value of the fund for each company.


In general, such purchases are rare. It seems that they will be even rarer after April 2006 because of the reporting requirements and the possible need for yearly valuations.


Omni allows the shares to be stored as a ‘Segregated Portfolio’ and then prices can be stored regularly (e.g. at the end of each tax year). It also stores details of the purchase and sale in ‘Investments\SSAS Invesments\Associated Company Shares.


Transactions can be stored for the ‘Segregated Portfolio’ if the scheme buys or sells the shares on more than one occasion.


The 2 areas are not linked and so the shares need to be entered in both places separately.


If you have a significant number of schemes with such investments and would like Omni to be developed further in this area, please contact us.